Development areas (Work packages)

Development areas (Work packages)

WP 1: Towards a common information system

The goal of the WP1 Theia/OZCAR information System is to set up a single portal providing access to data and metadata from all the observatories of the OZCAR-RI and to build a portal in synergy with ongoing initiatives at national (Theia Scientific data poles) and  DATA TERA RI) and international (eLTER) levels.

WP 2: Towards a better dialogue between observation data and models

The WP2 Interface models-data aims at improving and promoting the merging of data and models in order to enhance the knowledge on the functioning of the Critical Zone. The WP2 also aims to promote, through modeling, dialogue and interactions between the teams of the OZCAR-RI.

WP3: Federating through instrumentation

The objective of the WP3 Instrumentation is to organize the management of the instruments acquired in the Equipex CRITEX, via an inventory of the sensors, their current use and th identification of those that can be shared. The objective is also, to think on the needs for innovative instrumentation to document the critical zone, and to share the know-how of the different OZCAR RI communities, particularly on common themes (extreme climatic conditions, teletransmission, etc.). It also aims to converge towards protocols and sets of harmonized variables.

WP4: Federating through scientific themes

The WP4 Transversal Themes of the OZCAR-RI aims to promote multidisciplinary and holistic approaches to the study of the Critical Zone and thus to develop multidisciplinary and/or multi-sites projects.

WP5: Fostering international visibility

The international activities carried out in the framework of the OZCAR-RI are multiple and aim at European integration, structuring international partnerships (TERENO, US CZO, etc.), preparation and participation in European and international calls for projects, as well as support for the international mobility of young scientists. Thus, the OZCAR-RI participates in the construction of the European research infrastructure eLTER ESFRI (, requiring moreover a structuring of the eLTER France community (OZCAR and RZA RIs, the French mirror of the European eLTER-RI.