2nd OZCAR summer school 2022

OZCAR summer school website

The OZCAR Research Infrastructure (IR OZCAR) keeps on with its training cycle on the Critical Zone and organises the 2nd OZCAR summer school from July 4 to 8, 2022, at the University Pole of Séolane, located near Barcelonnette.

The 1st summer school allowed to have a panoramic presentation of the disciplines of the Critical Zone in order to acquire a common vocabulary and to favor the interrelations between the disciplines. The students were able to be familiar with a corpus of knowledge, a semantic field, working hypotheses and conceptual models specific to each discipline and to appreciate both their expertise and the differences in the way each discipline studies the Critical Zone. The publication of a volume in English of the interventions is in preparation.

For this 2nd OZCAR summer school (” Draw me an Observatory “), the objective is to invest the Critical Zone by the emblematic objects which the OZCAR RI’s observatories represent and how the different measured parameters and models carried out can answer the emerging scientific questions. Classes are planned in the morning and afternoons will deal with practical work, integrated into a collective project of characterization of the local Critical Zone. An outdoor class of multidisciplinary reading of the landscape will mark the week as well as moments of relaxation such as the convivial hike.

Multidisciplinary, interventions are scheduled from Bruno Latour, philosopher and sociologist of science, Matthieu Duperrex, philosopher, co-founder and artistic director of “Urbain, trop urbain”, Grégory Quenet, historian of science and other artists.

The OZCAR summer school is aimed at young scientists but remains open to all, doctoral students as well as confirmed or emeritus researchers. This mix of age, gender, disciplines (including humanities and social sciences) and approach (observational vs. modeling) is the key to the success of this week. As for the first edition, the courses will be given in French in order to gather, in a relaxed atmosphere, the French-speaking community of OZCAR RI.

The school will gather about 60 participants, speakers and organizers.

Further information are on the summer school website : https://ecolozcar.sciencesconf.org/ (see archives OZCAR Summer School 2022).