OZCAR and International Critical Zone initiatives

OZCAR in the European context

OZCAR is actively contributing in building up a pan-European infrastructure integrating LTER (Long-Term Ecosystem Research), Critical Zone and Socio-Ecological Research observatories (eLTER RI) (http://www.lter-europe.net/elter-esfri).The eLTER project aims at closing the gap between environmental sciences communities and ecosystem, and socio-ecological sciences communities. eLTER has submitted an ESFRI projet to the EU to enter the european raodmap in 2017.

OZCAR, the French CZO network, together with the ”Réseau des Zones Ateliers”, the French Long-Term Socio-Ecological research (LTSER) represent the eLTER France (http://www.za-inee.org/).

OZCAR collaborates with several critical zone initiatives worldwide:

  •  OZCAR-RI collaborates with the CZEN (Critical Zone Exploration Network) initiative that works closely with the 9 American CZO. The CZEN is an international initiative that has  fostered the development of Critical Zone networks in other countries either by restructuring existing geoscience-centric observatories or by launching competitive calls to encourage multidisciplinary approaches on existing observatories (www.czen.org/).
  • OZCAR has connections with other initiatives among which
    • TERENO (Terrestrial Environmental Observatories) in Germany
    • TERN (Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network ) in Australia
    • NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) in UK and China