ERORUN observatory

ERORUN observatory

Scientific context

Located in the Reunion Island, the ERORUN observatory allows to document the water and matter fluxes in a context of tropical climate with an extreme rainfall controlled by tropical cyclones. The geological context is that of a young volcanic island with high relief (3000 m). The floods are flash floods with a very high flow and  associated with a strong solid transport.

Partie amont de la Rivière des Pluies (>500m) avec les accumulations détritiques du "Grand éboulis".
Upstream part of the Rivière des Pluies (>500m) with the detrital accumulations of the “Grand éboulis”.

Scientific questions

The Reunion Island is marked by major environmental and social issues about the components of hydological balance: rainfall/flow/erosion. ERORUN observatory allows to document and study these processes in a tropical context with a high relief.

Sites and measured variables

The main site of ERORUN is the watershed of the Rivière des Pluies. All the components of the hydrological balance are measured: rainfall, water flows, solid and liquid matter flows. Rainfall is measured by a network of rain gauges and two S band radars and one UHF radar. Water balances are monitored at several stations as well as geochemical and sediment flows.

Partners and further information

ERORUN is supported by the UMR Géosciences Réunion, Météo-France and Réunion University. Hydrometric measurements are carried out by the Water Office of the Reunion Island. ERORUN observatory is part of the Observatory for Universal Science of the Reunion Island (OSU-R).